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MD-DE Master Logger SFIII is a Course

MD-DE Master Logger SFIII

Started Aug 20, 2018

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In order to carry out any forest harvest operation in Maryland's forests, Loggers must be aware of the animals and plant in the forest, especially the endangered and threatened ones. Getting the word out about the good job Loggers are doing is also a role many good Logger take. The Sustainable Forestry III: Threatened and Endangered Species, Logger Activism course will also help you find ways to influence public opinion. Topics including Endangered Species of Maryland and Tools of Activism, such as letter writing and social media. The completion of this training requires the viewing of all modules of this class and completing a short assessment test. Prospective MD-DE Master Loggers will receive credit for this class as part of their core training toward their MD-DE Master Logger training and urrent MD-DE Master Loggers will receive four (4) CEUs.